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NRCEL @ IIM-B and IEEE Bangalore Section presents Lean Startup workshop on 13th December 2014 at IIM-B Campus Bangalore.

The course will draw upon Professor Bhagavtula’s experience in teaching new venture creation using the Lean metaphor.

Duration:  3 hours + Networking lunch

Fee: 1000 Rs ( Early bird discount )

Who should attend :  Anyone who is currently in the process of developing a business idea or is likely to work on one in the near future.


Speaker Bio : Professor Suresh Bhagavatula

Assistant Professor at the NS Raghavan Centre for Entrepreneurial Learning. IIM,Bangalore. 

He has a background spanning a professional and academic career.  He established Netalysis, a consultancy (2006 to 2007) to develop strategies for improving the social capital of organisations. He started and ran Suresh Bhagavatula Exports for 3 years (2004 to 2007) to export handicrafts and handlooms.  He was also a team member of Daari, a fair travel and trade company, based out of The Netherlands.  As part of Daari he conducted three month (2006 / 2007) long tours across South India.  He has been keenly interested in building the entrepreneurial ecosystem in India, as part of which he co-founded of Headstart, a foundation that aims to build an eco-system to support entrepreneurship in India.  As a scholar in entrepreneurship he has been interested in the role of networks in the process of creation and development of enterprises and has published in leading academic journals.  He teaches courses on networks analysis and creation of new ventures.  Lately he has been more interested in the Lean Canvas as a way of managing the starting up of an enterprise. 


The Lean Approach to starting up was first popularized as an organizational metaphor by Eric Ries in his popular book The Lean Startup, although the idea was anticipated by Steve Blank in his book Four Steps to Epiphany.  In the past few years the Lean Approach has emerged as a popular way of managing the uncertainty that startups are exposed to and equip with them greater agility.  This workshop is intended to provide an understanding of the Lean startup methodology and how to use it to develop products/services that customers want.  Drawing from the simple design of business model canvas and iterative lean startup methods, Lean canvas helps in being action focused and validate business ideas systematically in order to create successful business opportunities.  It is based on the belief that business plans are too static and take too much time and effort to complete and in addition require many un-validated assumptions based on secondary data. The workshop will also provide an exposure to effectual entrepreneurship, a theory that looks at the decision making principles of expert entrepreneurs.


So if you want to be a successful entrepreneur or have a peculiar idea but are unsure of the path to follow, this might just prove to be your Eureka! Come join us in a 3 hour exciting learning journey and who knows you might be the next Sachin Bansal or more importantly the first YOU.


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